F10 Mini rotation fan

Auto-Oscillating Mini Fan



Mini rotation fan

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F 10
3 modes
White / Pink / Blue
255mm * 171mm * 96mm

Tender and Quiet

Tender wind, treat life tenderly
Handheld or desktopMore wind mode

The fan operated by 3000mAh
can work for8hours. You can bring this mini fan for camping or other outdoor activities without worry for battery.

  • silent operation

  • Natural wind

  • 3000mAh battery

  • type-C charging

  • Ultra-wide angle 135°

  • Light and compact

Slow, enjoy quite breeze from slow speed
Medium, double cooling, sweep the hot away
Fast, more powerful and cooling
135°Oscillation and 20ft/s wind speed which helps cool you off and distributes airflow

F10 Mini rotation fan

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