Motivo H23 Magnetic data cable


The magnetic charging cable refers to a charging cable that achieves the charging effect by the magnet male and female suction modes. Magnetic charging not only solves the problem of slow charging, convenient carrying, but more importantly, it is beautiful and safe. Magnetic adsorption design, and magnetic data cables are safer than normal data cables during use.

The advantages of magnetic data cables are mainly reflected in the following five aspects:

1. the interface is widely applicable to almost all devices Our H23 magnetic data cable has three connectors, which can be connected to the type-c interface, micro-usb interface, and lightning interface to meet the charging needs of everyday.

2. the magnetic data cable interface uses magnetic adsorption design, which can reduce the number of plugging and unplugging with the mobile phone interface. It is very good for the life of the mobile phone socket, the magnetic force is strong, the connection is stable, and the damage of the interface for charging the mobile phone due to frequent plugging and unplugging can be prevented.

3. H23 uses a rotatable electroplating connector, magnetic blind insertion, easy to use, can be operated with one hand, regardless of positive and negative, the error rate is reduced to zero, 360 degrees free rotation, automatic adsorption makes charging more convenient. Is also the first choice of the drivers, escort for driving safety.

4. Fourth, suitable for all types of models, in addition to charging, can be dust plugs, charging and dustproof.

5. there are LED lights, no need to turn on the lights to find a mobile phone at night, at a glance to find your device, bid farewell to blind charge.

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