MOTIVO H101 5000 mAh aluminum alloy power bank


As a patient with a slight "power panic", we often carry a shoulder bag when go outside. In addition to a few common items, the mobile power supply can be said to be a regular product.

Whether it's a trip or not, just bringing a mobile power supply will make me feel very comfortable. After all, for the people who are immersed in the extremely convenient online life, the bottom layer of Maslow's demand theory hierarchy has long been a power source. However, many mobile power sources in the market are big and heavy, and it is a cumbersome to carry them out. Originally, I wanted to take a small bag and go out. But usually, the "brick" like mobile power source occupied half of the bag.

So, we have H101 aluminum alloy charging treasure, this product is mainly thin, only 113 gram, can be put directly into the pocket of the clothes. Going out with you, you can basically fill almost all kinds of mobile phone with a single charge, and provide additional one day of battery life. If you just go out for awhile, it is enough.

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