MOTIVO H22 3-in-1 Breathing light Braided data cable


More and more digital products come out into the market, but the interfaces of digital products is not compatible, commonly used are type-c, micro-usb, lightning interfaces; sometimes need to bring 3 data cables when going out, then the 3-in-1 data cable came into being it is.

MOTIVO new 1 drag 3 data cable model H22, Apple + Android + Type-C three connectors design, can meet the daily electronic device charging needs, support three interfaces at the same time, and fast charging, eliminating the trouble of frequently looking for data cables, especially suitable for people with multiple mobile phones and people who have a demand for charging speed.

1 drag 3 data cable, we already know its advantages from the name, in addition to charging, you can simultaneously transfer data to the computer at three heads, release the phone memory, and save the phone memory.

As a new cost-effective new product, the choice of H22 in the material has to be awesome: Nylon woven, wear-resistant armor wire design, so that the data cable to avoid winding troubles; cable color has a simple red and black color, and the heads is installed with LED indicators. The design of the indicator light is fashionable and bursting; the SR interface is upgraded, the current is distributed intelligently, the battery is not damaged, and the battery is safely charged.

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